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Taiwanese tourist bus fell into a 100-meter cliff

9, December bus with tourists fell into the 100-meter cliff at 3:00 p.m. in Taiwan. The bus transported 23 passengers. 10 of them received injuries of varying severity, 13 died on the spot. Continue Reading »

«Sandy»: predictions come true The catastrophe took mass scales when the 50-m long tanker was thrown right on the streets of Staten Island. Continue Reading »

The horrible destiny The 1646 km of M5 Ural Russian Federal Highway became the scene of a big car accident where collided three cargo-carrying trucks, a van and three cars. It happened not far from the Bashkir city Yuryuzan. Continue Reading »

The culprit driver got in the fatal car accident while escaping A horrific car crash occurred on October, 9, 2012 near Karaganda. The accident happened in “The Blue Ponds”, which has a very bad repute. Continue Reading »

The Master and the Second Officer of Rena Rena: the catastrophe in details The 5th of October, 2011 is the anniversary of the most powerful disaster in our planet. The cargo vessel Rena grounded on the reef that night due to the bad weather. It happened in 14 km far from the Taurang, New Zealand. The storm broke down the ship into the two parts. As a result there was a wide oil spill. It was impossible to “repair the sea” for the long time. All were damaged. People had lost their money and beaches, as for the birds and beasts – they lost thir lives. Continue Reading »

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