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The culprit driver got in the fatal car accident while escaping


A horrific car crash occurred on October, 9, 2012 near Karaganda. The accident happened in “The Blue Ponds”, which has a very bad repute.

41, the Mercedes driver, being absolutely sober, collided with a pedestrian. Being afraid to be sentenced, he tried to skip the locale of the crime.

He was driving madly on the wrong lane when S class Mercedes driver tried to stop him. The culprit lost the speed, but it was no way to escape crash. The wrong lane car drove slowly, so nobody died. The angry passengers of S class Mercedes went towards the culprit. He stopped after the road traffic accident. The driver has enough time to realize what was he doing, but he looked at the picture of his children and tried to escape for the second time.

The second car accident happened then. The culprit driver was delivered into the hospital where he died without regaining consciousness. There was a family of four in the other car this time – a mother, father 19-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. The boy was injured most of all.

As a result five persons were delivered into the hospital in the state of shock with the main skeleton bones fractures.

Below is a video from the culprit driver’s dashcam.

“The Blue Ponds” is an aceldama. Dozens of people died there. There was a cemetery earlier at this place. May 28, 2012 a bus burned of fire there. November 17, 2009 the bus collided with a car. As a result the car’s driver died at once. Five days earlier – Novermer 12 – another car driver died right at that place while colliding with the bus again.

December 29, 2011 the bus of the 40th route collided the Mazda-626. Two women aged 39 and 25 were delivered in the hospital with different injures. There were 15 passenger in the bus when the accident occurred. There wasn’t human losses among them.

April 17, 2012 a 21-year-old driver knocked down and killed two pedestrians. October 8, 2012 the car accident with three car occurred.

P.S.: October 11, 2012 the policeman died in the car crash near “The Blue Ponds”, Karaganda. 28-year old police inspector was at the wheel of Volkswagen. He drove at the wrong lane and collided with the Mercedes, driven by the married couple. The married couple was delivered into the regional medical centre.




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