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«Sandy»: predictions come true


As Nostradamus predicted the main event of 2012 will be a “water catastrophe” in the North Atlantics. The huge territory in the East of the USA and in the West Europe will be flooded. This cataclysm will be a starting point to world powers change, China and Japan prevailing. The prediction came true as Sandy hit New York.


30, October we have narrated about Sandy hurricane. Today you may see the aftermath. There is a real chaos in the New York’s streets. The cars explode here and there.

29, October the electrical substation of Consolidated Edison exploded in the Eastern part of Manhattan. Than the reserve generator failed. So, hospitals remained without electricity. They couldn’t provide the proper conditions to its patients in intensive care and coma. More than 200 patients were evacuated. In the exploded building of the electrical substation of Consolidated Edison were locked 19 employees. Watch as it happened.

The catastrophe took mass scales when the 50-m long tanker was thrown right on the streets of Staten Island. The houses on the front line were flooded until the roof there.

We always believe that the accident will certainly pass through us. These Americans thought so too. They registered the “rain” out and all these happened.

Water is everywhere. The 4-meter waves hit the central part of Manhattan. There is something like water polls in the tunnels. It didn’t see something like this during of 108 years of its existence. You may see only one flooded tunnel on the video below, but don’t forget that there are 7 flooded tunnels.

The metro stations are also in the water. It’s expected that the Metro will start working again from the next week only.

All the streets are flooded too…You may meet “swimming” Bentley, BMW, Cadillac Escalade on the roads.

The Americans start working today only. There were evacuated one million people from the casuality belt. 8 million people lived without electricity. The transport stream and aviaconnection was abrupt. 12 thousands flights were cancelled. The New York Stock Exchanges haven’t worked for 2 days. The rescue centers were overcrowded.


Atlantic City is now the ghost city. Nobody walks out. All the windows and storefront were nailed up. The sandbags are instead the carpets on the expensive hotel’s stairs. There are lamp-post, broken cars, trees and street-traffic control lights laying everywhere.


All the industrial plants stopped working due to the possibility of the technotronic catastrophe. All the atomic station in the territory of New Jersey, Connecticut and New York stopped working too.


But the most terrific is that the hurricane doesn’t stop. It moves towards Canada and in the core of the USA.


In the gallery below you may see the photos of the broken cars.


P.S.: The Sandy hurricane killed 72 persons.

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