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Taiwanese tourist bus fell into a 100-meter cliff


9, December bus with tourists fell into the 100-meter cliff at 3:00 p.m. in Taiwan. The bus transported 23 passengers. 10 of them received injuries of varying severity, 13 died on the spot.

imageThe rescue operation

The bus was moving along the narrow road Hsinchu County Route 60. In the opposite direction a car was driving. Bus made way for a car and moved close to the edge, but the car was not able to squeeze into the available space. Then the bus driver abruptly passed back and could not keep the bus from falling.

A few people were able to get themselves on the road and dial the emergency services. 16 teams arrived from the Hsinchu fire department. The Atayal tribe from a nearby village Calang Smangus jointed the rescue operations.

imageThe rescue operation

The reason of the accident was the stalled engine. It has been stalled right at the moment when the driver made way for the car. But according to police, the driver could lead the bus closer to the edge.

All the passengers (except for one 33-year old) finished Tai Shan elementary school, and were traveling to Sinbey for reunions. Therefore, all the passengers were aged between 52 and 63.

imageThe woods in the fatal cliff

The driver survived, but he damaged legs and head. He was conscious and able to answer policemen questions. At the time the accident have happened, he was sober.

imageThis is the fatal cliff

According to the firefighters, it was the most serious incident on this stretch of road since 2006, when in Tainan happened crash in which 22 people were killed and 24 were wounded. After that accident had happened the authorities imposed a ban on buses travel on some roads, but the route 60 wasn’t included in.

imageThe injured were urgently delivered into the hospital

As China Post says, the victims` families will be paid 70 million Taiwan dollars as a compensation from the Fubon Insurance company: per two million NT dollars for automobile insurance of civil liability and per NT$1.5 million for passenger insurance. Survivors will also be paid.

imageIn accordance with Buddhist tradition the relatives of the victims called the soul out of the cliff

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