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Who is to blame: bus overturned near Samara

Samara bus overtuned Samara bus overtuned. Photo source www.mainpump.com

May 30, about 11 pm near Samara region a big road accident occurred. Near the village Alexeevka, Kinelskiy area, a passenger bus Mercedes-Benz overturned. For unknown reasons, crowded bus fell into a deep ravine. According to preliminary data, the driver has lost control at the emergency section of the road. Inside, there were 85 citizens of Kazakhstan, most of whom traveled from Shymkent to Moscow to get job.

Samara bus overtuned

Nobody died. However, the number of victims has reached 21 people. 20 people were taken to the central hospital in the Krasnoyarsk region. After that, four, including two children, stayed in the hospital. They got the injury of moderate severity.

Samara bus overtuned

Investigation of the cause of the incident is held currently. The driver passes a medical examination for the presence of alcohol in the blood.




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