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The fastest personal jet Saker S-1

Saker S-1 Saker S-1. Photo source www.mainpump.com

In the modern world time is money. Until today Citation X with its maximum speed of Mach 0.935 was the leader in business aviation taking said rights from the Gulfstream G650. Recently, however, there is another contender for the fastest business aircraft, Saker S-1 from Saker Aircraft. Cruise speed of the aircraft, which design is inspired by military fighter jets, is Mach 0.95 and the maximum speed is Mach 0.99.

Saker S-1

Tandem two-seater Saker S-1 refers to the “luxury” jet rather because of its high speed than of its comfort. Flying a distance of 2,778 kilometers will shave an hour off compared with the closest competitors.

Saker S-1

Model S-1 is designed to take off and land on the runway as short as 457 m. Climb at a rate is 4267 m/min. The service ceiling is 13,720 m, the maximum range is 2,575 km with a fuel tank capacity of 1890 liters. In addition, there are two additional fuel tanks of 380 liters maximizing the range of up to 3540 km.

Saker S-1

Saker S-1

Compact dimensions and light weight of the Saker S-1 (length - 12.3 m, height - 4.6 m, wingspan - 8 m, empty weight of 2495 kg, maximum payload of 2720 kg) allows the owner of the aircraft to reduce hangar costs down.

Personal jet S-1 is powered by the two engines Williams FJ44-4 with a 5,000 hour time before overhaul (TBO). Thanks to the engine and aerodynamic profile of the wing, fuel consumption is reduced by 20 percents compared with competitors.

Saker S-1

Despite its look, S-1 pilots do not require a special military training. Aerodynamics, control system and aircraft’s cockpit are designed for all properly trained pilots. The ejection seats are available as an option.

According to Saker Aircraft new S-1 will be manufactured in North America, and although at the moment the aircraft is in the design phase, Saker is accepting pre-orders.

Saker S-1

Saker S-1

Saker S-1

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