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More forage and less effort with new NH harvester

More forage and less effort with new NH harvester More forage and less effort with new NH harvester.

New Holland has revealed its new generation of self-propelled forage-harvesters.

Timed to coincide with the opening of the SIMA show this weekend in Paris, the long-awaited launch of the FR9000-series machines marks the end of a desolate period for New Holland which has seen sales of its FX foragers plummet.

By its own admission, the firm has been slow to develop this new harvester.

“Our market share has suffered as competition from Claas, Deere and Krone has hotted up,” points out product marketing manager Geert Nerinkx.

“The R&D phase for the new forager started in 1995 when the FX was first launched. We`ve had plenty of time to endurance test all the prototypes and pre-production machines. That means we have complete confidence in the reliability of the FR9000 from its launch.”

The line-up consists of five models with maximum outputs ranging from 424hp to 824hp. Previously the largest FX60 model topped out at 571hp.

Everything about the FR9000 is new and it carries nothing over from the outgoing FX range.

At the business end, the chopper unit uses a completely different design. The crop-flow channel is 15% wider than before and the cylinder is 15% bigger in diameter – that makes it the largest on the market.

Three drum options are available with 16, 24 or 32 knives arranged in a chevron pattern. Chop lengths of between 3-66mm are possible.

New Holland has moved away from using a radial blower unit which, although a strong performer in grass, had its weaknesses for maize harvesting.

The company has adopted an in-line blower similar to that used by much of the competition.

However in testing it was found that the distance created to allow fitting of a ‘corn-cracker’ processor between the chopper cylinder and the blower meant that crop-flow slowed down.

To remedy this, NH`s engineers developed an ingenious counterbalance system which links the blower unit and the crop-processor. As the processor is removed from work, the blower swings down, reducing the distance between it and the knives.

By doing this, the company claims to have increased efficiency and reduced power requirements by 40hp. Output is said to have increased by 15%, horsepower-for-horsepower, thanks to the wider crop-flow channel, greater inertia from the larger cylinder and redesigned blower set-up.

Power is provided by Iveco six-cylinder engines for the three smallest models. A 685hp Caterpillar six-cylinder is used in the FR 9080 to cater for the US market where the ‘Cat’ name reigns supreme.

The most powerful – the FR9090 – also uses an Iveco but it`s a 20-litre V8 that pumps out 824hp.

Inside, the IntelliView computer monitors machine performance and functions such as operation of the metal detector. Changes between the hydrostatic transmission’s four ranges are made remotely by switch as with NH combines.




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