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Farmers can’t do without Kuhn AGT 6036!

Kuhn AGT 6036 Kuhn AGT 6036. Photo source www.mainpump.com

Kuhn Farm Machinery has pleased the owners of large farms by the release of the latest sprayer AGT 6036 on hydro-pneumatic suspension. This is not self-propelled sprayer but trailer. The hopper capacity at 6300 liters allows Kuhn AGT 6036 to handle 15 kilometers of plantations per hour, spraying 250 kg of liquid per 1 hectare. Inside the hopper paddle mixer is mounted.

Kuhn AGT 6036

Boom, length of 36 meters with 6-sections structure, is made of stainless steel. Each section is equipped with five spreaders (or spray plates). Fluid enters from metering units which have a separate hose and are arranged along the chassis. Each section of metering units is powered by individual hydraulic motors. Metering units are equipped with sensors that keep a record of the sputtering rate and pressure in hose to avoid bending or pinching.

Arm height suspension can be adjusted in the range from 1.2 to 2 m by a parallelogram-like structure which feeds from the hydraulic system. If the strong wind bends the boom, the built-in sensors automatically adjust the level of the boom to 90 degrees relative to the machine body.

Kuhn AGT 6036

The sprayer is controlled through a special joystick, which is connected to the tractors cab, the engine power of which must be no less than 150 hp and not more than 180 hp. Joystick can adjust the radius of the irrigation and shutting-off each section. It is noteworthy that you can optionally but the installation for spraying of granular or crystals. Its capacity includes spraying 35 kilograms of microbeads per hectare of plantation. This structure can operate with the most challenging mixtures, such as granular urea, ammonium sulfate, green manure, feed pellets.

Kuhn AGT 6036

Curb weight of the sprayer is 12,000 kg, unladen is 7000 kg. Track width is 2.25 m as standard, optional - 2.30 m or 2.70 m. Tyres are 520/85 R42.

Kuhn AGT 6036

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