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The new C90, V90, S90 and XC90 and 2020 Volvo plans


At last week press conference Volvo revealed little information about their updated models C90, S90, V90 and XC90. All models are assembled on a base of SPA-platform (Scalable Product Architecture).


First car built on the new SPA-platform will be XC90. Its premiere is scheduled for the end of 2014 and beginning of sales hides above the horizon of 2015. Next to be modernized are descendants of the S80 and V70 - S90 and V90.

According to Volvo plans, the new platform will be also shared by Geely cars. The exception is SPA platform will be quickly remade for segment D by Chinese hands in Gothenburg’s technology center.

As for the C90, S90 and V90 exterior, just imagine something between You concept and the current versions, only with more rounded shapes.


SPA platform is Volvo’s great strategy. In future Volvo plans to build its entire lineup exclusively on SPA-platform, as it allows to use the same for all models components and modules.

In addition to this platform, Volvo offers its VEA engine architecture (Volvo Engine Architecture). It will be extremely economical four-cylinder engines. Consumption of fuel there decreases by 30-35%, and environmental standards will not reach them for at least another the next 5-6 years. Either diesel or gasoline engines will be equipped with turbocharger for necessary and their outputs will vary within the 140 - 280 hp, 120 - 230 hp respectively. More powerful engines are also included into Swedes agenda. Hybrids will certainly be. Their power drives will be similar to those of V60 Plug-in Hybrid: it will be rear-wheel drive diesel hybrids with batteries charged from a standard household outlet, which will also run on electric drive. On a parallel Volvo is working above three-cylinder gas engines.


Volvo plans on cars production



S90 (will replace S80)


V90 (will replace V70)


V90 Cross Country (will replace XC70)


C90 (S90 and V90 in Coupe body)


As for the plans, last year Volvo has sold more than 422,000 vehicles. Sales in 2020 according to them should make 800,000 cars. Is it true that Swedes have a serious goal?

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