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All news about Range Rover Sport 2014

Range Rover Sport 2014 Range Rover Sport 2014. Photo source www.mainpump.com

The new Range Rover Sport 2014 is very interesting. Both outside and inside. Of course, the technical side is meant.

Range Rover Sport 2014

And the most important change that has just "shouted" about itself, it`s an all-aluminum car body. Of course this solution has its advantages and disadvantages you say. But let`s still be optimistic and look at the change in a positive way. This was done to reduce weight. Yes, and decreased weight is very impressive, with 420 kg.

Range Rover Sport 2014

The car now looks more athletic. There is a feeling that the designers made the new Range Rover Sport 2014 swing muscles. Yes, and not only outside but also inside. The car is longer and wider than its predecessor. It is possible to change the layout of the car. 2014 Range Rover Sport is now available in version 5 + 2. Now you can put more children, well, or two adults. And the vehicle overhangs are smaller.

Range Rover Sport 2014

Suspension parts car all aluminum. 2014 Range Rover Sport also gets a new electric power steering. And two new transfer cases. With the possibility of two-speed torque distribution 50/50 between the axes with the possibility of 100% lock. And one speed with Torsen differential.

Range Rover Sport 2014

As for the engine, the car will have several engines. In the USA, two petrol - 3,0 V6 super charged 335h/p and 5,0 V8 with a supercharger 503h/p. In Europe, to above mentioned enginesand 3,0 SDV6 - diesel in 288 h/p.

Range Rover Sport 2014

Regardless of the engine equipped Range Rover Sport 2014 will be equipped by 8-speed automatic transmission ZF 8HP70.

Range Rover Sport 2014

There are new security systems: automatic switching Forward Lighting, information about changing lanes and road signs. Working with external review camera . The data can be displayed to the driver. And also there is a system measuring the depth of water obstacles when driving ford.

Range Rover Sport 2014

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