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BMW 335i VS Infiniti G37 Sport: fight of coupes

BMW 335i VS Infiniti G37 Sport Driving the 2007 BMW 335i and 2008 Infiniti G37 Sport, makes the driver wonder if the people who built them thought about anything besides going fast. The test drive conducted by automobile experts discovered what else these two speedy monsters we should love for. Continue Reading »

Sad times for Japanese carmakers Sales of new cars, trucks and buses in Japan slid 9.4 percent in June for the 14th straight month of decline as demand remained weak across all segments and new models failed to inspire a rebound for many. Continue Reading »

Toyota beat GM in 2006 Toyota beat GM in 2006 The milestone that the global auto industry has been holding its collective breath for — Toyota Motor Corp.`s unseating General Motors Corp. as the world`s biggest carmaker — came last year instead of in 2007 as many had expected. Continue Reading »

Will BMW buy Volvo? Will BMW buy Volvo? Blogs, newspapers, and tongue-wagging auto executives have been trying to push BMW and Volvo to the altar for a year Continue Reading »

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2015 Kia Cadenza features minor updates

2015 Kia Cadenza Kia starts sales of the updated Cadenza later this year Continue Reading »

BMW X6 New details about the BMW X2 BMW X2 will be offered in 3- and 5-door body styles Continue Reading »

2015 Cadillac Escalade Cadillac Escalade diesel & VSport variants Escalade could gain a twin-turbo 3.6-liter V6 engine Continue Reading »

BMW X1 Exclusive Sport Limited BMW X1 Exclusive Sport BMW has launched X1 Exclusive Sport limited edition Continue Reading »

2014 BMW X3 Next generation 2017 BMW X3 New BMW X3 to have M40i and X3 M versions Continue Reading »