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World`s Biggest Tractor New Nicolas Tractomas

Nicolas Tractomas Nicolas Tractomas.

For use in Australian coal industry the French manufacturer of heavy-load special purpose vehicles Nicolas has launched a new type of the world's biggest tractor Tractomas. Tractomas tractor is powered by 1,000 hp engine and has twice the pulling strength compared to the previous models. The first tractor has been purchased by LCR company for moving lignite side tipper trailers convoys at mining facilities located in Queensland (Australia). At first glance it is clear that Tractomas is not an ordinary tractor, just the dimensions alone, more than 10 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 4.6 meters high. All components of the new tractor, except for the driver’s cab, are made for exclusive special vehicle.

церемония передачи
Official handover of the new Tractomas to the LCR company in Australia. Left to right: Fulvio Foti, Area Manager Sales for TII Sales (Sales Company of SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG), Dr. Axel Müller, Managing Director of the TII Group, Sébastien Francois, Project Manager of NICOLAS.

New Nicolas Tractomas was delivered to LCR company, which is engaged in transportation and lifting large-scale projects in the mining industry. Super tractor can pull convoys of oversized side tipper trailers with total weight up to 535 tons over a distance from 10 km to 40 km with gradients of up to 5%. When fully loaded the tractor speed is 10 km/h, each trailer carries up to 87 tons of coal. When driving on straight routes without any gradients speed is 50 km/h with full load and 65 km/h unloaded. Such speed is provided by powerful 27-litre capacity 1,000 hp engine.

тягач Nicolas Tractomas

Nicolas PowerBooster auxiliary drive system helps to increase productivity. When driving inclines PowerBooster system prevents loss of speed and provides additional driving force. PowerBooster system also helps to improve cooling performance, so the machine can operate at extreme temperatures up to 50 ° C even in the desert.

тягач Nicolas Tractomas

These advantages make Nicolas Tractomas the fastest and strongest tractor available on the market worldwide. Nicolas Tractomas tractor is an effective solution in logistical operations, especially in the mining industry.

тягач Nicolas Tractomas




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