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Industrial Espionage: Renault Trucks secretly created the Long Distance, Heavy Construction and Distribution Range...

Renault Trucks Renault Trucks. Photo source www.mainpump.com

They tried hard

Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks planned to produce trucks which will meet Euro 6 standards for a long time. There was not official presentation yet, but we already have the world`s first photo and some information about the development.

Renault Trucks

It will be four Series of trucks – Long Distance, Construction, Heavy Construction and Distribution. All tractors have trapezoidal grille. The special design of the front parts means that trucks can cope without the deflector. The flow of air will clean the door off the dust while driving. Head optics approaches wings and illuminates the space on the sides of the cabin.

Renault Trucks

The all new Renault Trucks red plate on the doors will now will identify Renault Trucks. Furthermore, they will contain not only information about the manufacturer, model, and its modification, but also leave some space for master to fill his data.

Renault Trucks

Door handles are designed to be specially large in order to open the door being in the working gloves. Steering wheel and electronic handbrake lever also have regarding matching.

Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks Long Distance Range

The Long Distance range includes two models – the "T" and «T Sleeper». These models are ideal for long-distance travel. Behind these words lies low fuel consumption of Premium Long Distance, combined with the comfort of Magnum. To be more precise, Long Distance tractors has decreased by 5% fuel consumption in comparison with the last officially presented model of Renault Trucks,.

Cabin of "T" is 2.5 meter wide.

«T Sleeper» modification has a high sleeping cabin and two beds. One of them is extendable and is situated above the ceiling.

Both models are equipped with RECARO® seats and a 7-inch central display. "T" also has a storage compartment that is accessed not only from inside the cab but also from outside. Doors are opening at 85 degrees angle. The steering column has a three-dimensional adjustment.

Renault Trucks Long Distance T

As for the engine, it will be Euro 6 DTI 11 and DTI 13, along with Optidriver automatic transmission. The fuel tank holds 1,475 liters of diesel fuel. The button "24/7", which is installed in the cockpit, includes the geolocation of tractor with informing about all the technical parameters of the machine. Optifuel Infomax system suggests optimal way to waste the fuel and helps to achieve 15% fuel savings.

Renault Trucks Long Distance T Sleeper Cab

Renault Trucks Construction and Heavy Construction Range

Construction range include only one model – the "C". But Heavy Construction range consists of two trucks – "K" and "K Heavy Construction». All models in this series are equipped with steel bumpers and spacious cabins with rotary control buttons.

Renault Trucks Construction K

Model "K" was tested in harsh conditions: it transported 120 tons of log from Cameroon to Oman, and also worked at the mine in Turkey. All tests were passed good. Besides, it has the leading in the industry approach angle is 32 degrees.

It`s "K Heavy Construction»:

"C" Tractor is equipped with a hydrostatic system on the front axle, which gives it extra traction. Unlike the other models of the ongoing series of "C" has an all-wheel drive motion. 8x4 modification has a capacity of 22.8 tons and weighs 50 tons. Weight of the tractor with a trailer can reach 120 tons.

Renault Trucks Construction C

Renault Trucks Distribution range

It consists of three models - «D» (10-18 tons), «D Wide» (16-26 tons) and «D Access» (18-26 tons). And besides, this range will soon be supplemented by additional models weighing from 3.5 to 7.5 tons.

Renault Trucks D

The range feed from DTI 5 and DTI 8 engines. The highest torque is attained at 900 rpm. This means that the driver does not need to squeeze out all the engine’s power to achieve a good return.

Renault Trucks D Wide

PS: However, Renault Trucks has another trump developped, but we will narrate about this truck next time.

Renault Trucks D Access

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