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The skirt for «hotspots»

Knight XV Knight XV. Photo source Conquest Vehicles

The Knight XV manufactured by Canadian Conquest Vehicles is one of the few armored vehicles, which are available for civilian purchase. Its body is specially constructed for being armored.


Knight XV is a very serious vehicle. Its level of armoring is increased significantly in comparison with the previous autos from this series. That’s why this mean-looking giant was called “Hammer killer”.


People saw the Knight XV for the first time at SEMA-2008.


The vehicle has the base shared with the landsman Gurkha, which featured The Gurkha was the armored vehicle featured in the "Fast 5". At first glance Knight XV is similar, but there are some differences. In spite of both vehicle are available for civilian purchase, the last one is a luxury vehicle also.

The shapes of Knight XV’s body betray its nature. The armored car’s overall dimensions set it apart from many other armored vehicles: 6.1 m long (the length can be optionally extended to 7.3 m), 2.5 m height. It casts shadow upon Hummer H2.


The Knight XV’s average weight is about 5896 kg depending on equipment. The price also depends on this parameter and starts from $629,000 for standard. This is an adequate price for the armored car with such level of equipment, massive interior space and armor.


The armored cars which costs less have not many option. The Knight XV’s competitor is considered to be Prombron by Dartz Motorz. Though the last costs double (author – it’s not surprising: interior trimmed by whale’s foreskin leather, gold wheel disks…).


The level of armoring can be increased as the customer wants up to B7 level. The massive Knight XV can wear these engines: a GM-sourced 362 HP 6.0-liter V8 gasoline engine with 626 Nm of torque and a 6.7-liter 300 HP diesel Ford Power Stroke with 895 Nm of torque.


It is known that the armored cars can’t reveal super fast speed. Knight XV’s top speed is 160 km/h.


In order to manage its weight Knight XV has an air ride suspension, 15" brake rotors with 12 piston calipers.


To provide good security the car has an explosive protection system, an armored floor, a magnetic attachment detection system (to detect bombs on the vehicle’s underside).


To sustain chemical attacks the car is equipped by an oxygen survival kit and a positive pressure system. Besides, there are safe, a black box, fire extinguisher, hidden front VIP strobe lights and 2-way PA/intercom system with loud speaker.


Outside there are security cameras with night vision mode. The interior is trimmed by ultra-suede and leather. The sunroofs and windows are made from ballistic glass and have electrostatic tinting. There is a retractable flat-screen TV in saloon with PS3 or Xbox systems on your choice. There are also a cooler, decanter bar and cigar humidor.


Every Knight XV is produced for its owner. The time of manufacturing is 9 months.


The video about Hummer H2 – for those who are interested.

Knight XV specs:




5896 kg

Wheel base

3683 mm


2540 mm


6000 mm


2438 mm


355,6 mm


8846 kg

Gasoline engines

- Ford 6.8-L

- V10

Diesel engines

- Ford Power Stroke 6.7-L

- V8 with turbocharger


5-speed TorqShift


Ford f550


335/80 r20 mPt81

Fuel tank capacity

238 l

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