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Gibbs Quadski

Quadski Quadski. Photo source Gibbs Sport Amphibians Inc.

There is a Russian fairy-tail about Emelya, who rode on the hearth. Do you want to do the same? Here you are. The aquaquad Quadski will rise the wheel by itself and transform into the cutter while driving on the water. Just remember about the acceleration or you may lose your fish. Nevertheless if there are women in the fishing you may ride as quick as the wind.


The first question is about the price of course. It’s rather expensive. It costs 40000 USD. Are you still eager to get known about it? So, let’s start.

The full name of this product is Quadski. It’s manufactured by Gibbs Sport Amphibians Inc. It’s some kind of a unique model of hybrid – quad and wave runner.


When you drive into the water the wheel are being risen and get in the special arch. So, it don’t aggravate the aquaquad to accelerate high speeds on the water. You must only put the button to switch between the water and the land modes. It get 5 seconds aquaquad to transform. image

The Quadski’s maximum speed on water and the land is the same – it’s 45 mph. The clearance in 23 cm is rather low for ridding the complicated off-the-road, but it is enough to get over the rough country. The suspension elements and the frame are manufactured from the aluminum and the bottom contains impact-resistant plastic.


The aquaquad wears 1.3L 4-cylinders engine BMW in 175 hp. It’s similar to motorbike’s engine as Motorrad K1300S HP. The transmission is 6-speed. It’s usually the manual gear box on the bikes, but aquaquad wears automatic one. You may upshift with the button, but downshift you may only in manual. There is no problem if the driver forgets to do this, the electronic unit will do it for him. image

There is also a powerful water jet. It’s similar to that on the Jet Ski, but it’s lighter and more compact. It works constantly, not only on the water.


Quadski is equipped by suspension with independent coil springs and hydraulic dampers. image

The weight of the Quadski is 590,2 kg. The overall length, width and height dimensions are 10.5ft x 5.2 ft x 4.6 ft. The wheel base is 5.9 ft. Track width is 4.6 ft. The approach and departure angles are 46 and 26 degrees.


The fuel capacity is 56,7 L. It’s enough to ride 600 km on land. But it will finish after the 2 hours of driving on the water.


Gibbs Sport Amphibians Inc. spent 200000 USD to construct Quadski. They have constructed it during the last 15 years.


Quadski `s test drive.

Paul Stenquist from the New York Times got a possibility to ride Quadski. Here is what he thought.


Sitting highly in the saddle of Quadski you may think you drive the all-terrain vehicle. He drove through the soft sands easily. After 5 minutes of experimenting the throttle he began feel the vehicle. Quadski responded crispy and got easily over the bumps and boulders on the unpaved trail.


At the testing ground of Quadski’s maker he played with the shifts. He cranked the handlebars left, downshifted to the first gear and began repeatedly poke the upshift button. The dusty cloud appeared behind him and the speedometer passed through the 40 mph. image

The team of two Gibbs’s employees were awaiting him near the little lake. He drove up at them involving the brake disks by squeezing the left hand. The employees put of the helmet from him, put on the a flotation device and checked his aquaquad control skills.


After the Gibbs chairman Neil G. Jenkins thumbed him up he drove into the water at the walking speed. He put the switch button and felt that he was loosing ground beneath after the few seconds. The aquaquad drifted lazily.


After that he accelerated. Quadski got it body out of the water and accelerated easily to 40 mph. The opposite shore approached very quickly. He turned the handlebar and the aquaquad began steering gently have accompanied be the waves. image

He noticed that the Quadski has something like cruise control. Once you accelerated you don’t need to squeeze the handlebar anymore. The water promenade was very relaxing. You don’t have any special skills to accelerate in maximum way.


To drive on the land back you should put the switch button at the 2 ft depth nearly. As the wheels are retracted you may feel the support of the land engine to climb on the shore.


Are you impressed?

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