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Ultimatum for the transport tax


The theme of the transport tax was discussed by the Russians many times. The government gets profit on transport tax and people consider it to be unjust. In many countries this tax was cancelled and the sum of it was spread regularly on the fuel costs. All the economical index in Russian show that the canceling of transport tax will increase the fuel costs by 0.53 ruble.


The situation in reality is quite different. The fuel costs have increased by 3 rubles since 2011 and the transport tax hasn’t been cancelled yet. Though the government of Russian Federation referred the increasing of fuel costs to the canceling of transport tax. But lowering of taxes is still the response of the regional authorities. Only three of 83 had lowered transport tax.


The owners of autos with the engine output less than 100 hp stop paying transport tax in Povolzhye and Smolensk regions from January the 1st, 2012. The economic waste of it equaled 139.9 million rubles in Smolensk road fund (author remark – does it mean that we’ll have bad roads if don’t pay transport tax?). The tax rate was lowered by 10 per cent only in Nizhegorodsky region. The citizens of Nizhegorodsky region have paid off 25 rubles versus 7 in average for one hp since 2007.


As for the rest regions, the transport tax rate remained the same or have been increased even. This year summer the Minister of Moscow government, the head of the economic politics and development of Moscow, Reshetnikov M.G. proposed the increasing of transport tax in Moscow from the January the 1st, 2013. The Moscow city council approved this proposal. Now the citizens of Moscow will pay off 12 rubles against 7 for one hp of 100 hp engines. In average every Moscow citizen will pay off 600 rubles additionally. The budget of Moscow will be charged by 2.5 billion rubles.


What keeps the regional authorities to follow the “good example”?


How can we stand it? Should we file a suit in courts? Can you imagine 27 million sues? The Federation of the car owners in Russia suggests full refusing of paying off the transport tax by everyone. It consider it to be socially unfair and off-market.


The reasons for the transport tax canceling were gathered by the CEO of “Federation of car owners” Canaev S.V. in its petition to the heads of political parties. You can read it following the link below.



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