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John Deere Revolutionary E-Series Forest Machines

John Deere E-Series Harvester John Deere E-Series Harvester. Photo source John Deere E-Series

John Deere has introduced the revolutionary E-Series forest machines to North America, following its initial launch in Europe. The E-Series is the latest development in Deere's line of wheeled harvesters and forwarders, all designed with stronger frames than their predecessors and equipped with rotating and leveling cabs. All E-Series Harvesters and Forwarders offer comfort, controllability and reliability. The rotating and leveling cab with revamped automation offers 360 degrees of visibility. The automatic air-conditioning of the new cab, top-quality upholstery, low noise and vibration levels and a wide range of additional accessories ensure first-class operation.

The four models in the E-Series Harvester family include the 1070E, 1170E, 1270E, and the 1470E. The 1070E is available in a 4-wheel or a 6-wheel version. New generation harvester heads are part of the series launch, with the H414 developed especially for the 1170E harvester, and the compact-sized H412 compatible with the 1070E and 1170E harvesters.

The E-Series' six forwarders include the 810E, 1010E, 1110E, 1210E, 1510E, and 1910E. The load capacity and engine power of the two biggest models have been increased. The 1510E, powered by a 6.8-liter John Deere PowerTech Plus engine with high torque at low rpm, and the 1910E with a 9.0-liter John Deere PowerTech Plus engine, are built especially for heavy-duty operations.

The new TimberMatic H-09 measuring and automation system includes fully integrated trouble-shooting and anti-bucking functions. The system is easier than ever to use as the special operator-targeted parameters can be quickly located. The unique TimberLink software facilitates the monitoring and optimization of the machine's performance.

John Deere increased the uptime of the E-Series by requiring fewer daily inspections and longer service intervals. The E-Series' hydraulic fan changes direction automatically and cleans dust and foreign bodies from the cooling system. A preliminary filter significantly increases the operating life of the engine air filters. Additionally, the harvester has a central lubrication system, which shortens the time required for daily maintenance.




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