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Tankers revolution: Remora HiLoad DP

HiLoad HiLoad. Photo source Remora AS

Unlike cars tankers can’t just pull brake to stop in the middle of the ocean while rendezvous another ship, such as FPSO. For the close operations ships are equipped by the dynamic positioning to escape slow-speed collisions. Shuttle tankers, platform supply vessels, anchor handlers, offshore construction vessels all have dynamic positioning.

The crude oil is pumped into the shuttle tankers first. Shuttle tankers in its turn deliver the oil into the tanker. Tankers deliver the oil to the end user and spend 99 per cent of its time at sea. So there is no need to install dynamic positioning to the tankers. But sometimes tankers have to pump the oil right from the FPSO. And this becomes a quite dangerous task. There is always the risk to damage another expensive ship. Remora HiLoad can help in this case. This is an innovation of the Norway company Remora AS.

This a giant-like warehouse pallet truck. As soon as tanker gets closer to the FPSO HiLoad begins rising out from the water to keep the ship and to get it right to the FPSO’s link up point.

imageDynamic positioning

The Remora HiLoad’s advantages are in safe docking in swell conditions and in up to 40 knot wind. HiLoad is equipped by DP 2 and by three large Azimuth thrusters. The output of the vehicle is 1000 hp. 100 ton bollard pull. HiLoad can make a crash and full stop of tanker from 3 knot speed. It takes HiLoad 7 minutes to finish complete docking, de-ballast and attachments operations. To get into the engine room you must step down 202 stairs.

This direction in the oil industry is very perspective. Teekay Offshore Partners signed a contract at $55 million to purchase Remora HiLoad 2010 YOM. Besides, Teekay Offshore Partners will invest $4.4 million for a possibility to acquire 49.9 per cent of Remora AS shares.

Remora AS don’t lessen the role of the shuttle tankers in the oil industry, but it pay attention to the convenience of pumping oil directly into tankers in such countries, as Brazil where oil is exportes to the long distance all around the world.

The price of HiLoad seems to be high, though you can expect 4.5 times annual cash from the unit’s operations.

image Remora HiLoad




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