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Ghost ship Lyubov Orlova sails South-West


You ask, how can a ship lost at sea. The ship, which is equal to the length of a football field, with a width of 7 dump trucks, and the height of a three-store house (100m x 16m x 7m)? But it turns it can. How is it possible? Let`s see, and maybe some of our readers will be able to find a ghost ship.


So the cruise ship Lyubov Orlova, built in 1976, was a member of the Far Eastern Shipping Company. In 1999 the ship was sold to some Maltese company. Than, Lyubov Orlova was arrested for debt and has stood at the Canada’s coast for 2 years. The ship could serve more, but a new owner decided to sold the ship as scrap metal. There was decided to ship Lyubov Orlova to the Dominican Republic.


It would seem that the ship’s destiny is clear than, but somebody out there didn’t think so. As soon as the ship had left the coast a heavy storm began. It was decided to leave the ship. And now, the ship has been drifting since January 24, 2013 in the Atlantic waters without a single person on board.

According to experts, Lyubov Orlova’s conditions was allowing it to cross the ocean autonomously. You probably also did not know, but all Canada trash is brought by the stream to Ireland’s coast. Lyubov Orlova isn’t a garbage definitely, but it won’t sail against the stream? However, the Irish Coast Guard hadn’t saw the ship yet.


Meanwhile, serious passion are in the Internet about the ghost ship. People sell t-shirts with the words "Have you seen Orlova?", there were aerated Facebook and Twitter accounts in tune with the ship’s name. Romantic persons are writing from the name of the ship that it is happy now. Geniuses offer to make a museum from the ship.


But we think about the aftermaths. What if the ship will collide another ship in the mist? There can be many victims. According to some reports, today a ghost ship is moving in a south-westerly direction. Here is its more accurate route.


Let`s hope that the ship will be found. And if not, well, then the world will get a new Bermuda Triangle. Although this situation is not so complicated.

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