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Luxury SABDES 50 Superyacht

SABDES 50 Superyacht The newest SABDES design comes in the form of a 50 meter Superyacht that goes against the `bigger is more impressive` yacht trend, instead focusing on producing an exciting, stylish, advanced luxury yacht, efficient in fuel and emissions, with an intent to be environmentally sensitive in both the vessel`s building and cruising life. Continue Reading »

Superyacht ISA 500 Perfect Lines of ISA 500 The new ISA 500 (Italy) is a three-deck superyacht based on the recent 48-metre platform. She has a wonderful mix of aggressive yet sporty bow with wonderfully elegant stern. The upper deck forward of a wheelhouse is furnished with two sofas, that allow guests to enjoy the view while cruising. Continue Reading »

Superyacht Timmerman 31 Sea Superyacht Timmerman 31 On Timmerman Yachts shipyard the launching of the first 31 m built in the framework of Timmerman-31 project was performed. The yacht is built in the framework of the project Timmerman 31 developed by the biggest European independent Dutch design company Ginton Naval Architects. Continue Reading »

Martha Ann L?rssen Launched Martha Ann L?rssen launched Martha Ann, which was known under the project name Shark. Modern lines and a contemporary style are the features of this massive 70 meter yacht. Designed by Espen Oeino with a beam of 12,80 m, she boasts extraordinary volumes for a yacht of her length. Martha Ann features six decks and offers numerous areas for guests, making her the perfect solution for entertaining. Continue Reading »

MarySlim Multimarine Composites Limited Very Slender Vessel - MarySlim Until recently limited to military craft, the wave-piercing attributes of the Very Slender Vessel design has now made its way into the civilian boat world in the form of the MarySlim, a stunning 72-foot, long-range cruiser built by Cornwall based Multimarine Composites. The unique shape of the yacht allows it to cleave through waves, eliminating the power-consuming, bruising bounce of other crafts, and allowing users to explore greater areas through harsher weather conditions. Continue Reading »

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