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Brasil Maru: The largest iron ore carrier from Japan

Carrier Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (Japan) has launched one of the world’s largest iron ore carrier, the Brasil Maru (327,180 MT DWT). It will transport Brazilian iron ore to Japan under a long-term contract with Nippon Steel Corporation. Continue Reading »

Victoria The Queen Victoria: New Cruise Liner Although the new ?300m 90,000-tonne cruise liner, the Queen Victoria of Cunard (UK) is smaller than the 150,000-tonne Queen Mary 2, it is considered to be the company`s most luxurious liner. Among the new vessel`s amenities are seven restaurants, three swimming pools, a 6,000-book library and a casino. Continue Reading »

Merwede Toisa Pegasus IHC Merwede announced the launch of a new diving support and offshore construction vessel. The ship has been developed by Merwede Shipyard in close co-operation with Toisa Ltd and Sealion Shipping Ltd. As an enhanced sister vessel to the Toisa Proteus, Polaris and Perseus, with a fully in-built Saturation Diving System, the vessel can, and will, support a wide variety of subsea operations worldwide. Continue Reading »

Guangzhou Huangpu Water Rescue The country`s largest rescue ship was added to maritime service in this coastal city of South China. Designed and built in China, Nanhaijiu 101 is the largest, fastest and the most powerful rescue ship in the country. It has two engines that can generate 14,000 kW, 6,000 kW more than the capacity of the any other ship in the fleet. The 100-m long vessel can rescue up to 200 people, and has landing space for helicopters. Continue Reading »

Wally Beautiful Lau Lau Lau Lau is the first unit of the new design of the 70 WallyPower motor yacht line. Built at Wally Europe in Fano, the yacht made her successful debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. Continue Reading »

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