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Sealink In 2008 Sealink Sdn Bhd of Miri, East Malaysia will take delivery of a new anchor handling tug from their own shipyard. The 38-meter tug, with a waterline length of 36.3 meters and an 11.8-meter beam, is the first of three being built to a design by naval architect of Singapore. Continue Reading »

Tanker Ethylene Tanker from Meyer Werft The first ethylene tanker was delivered by Meyer Werft (Germany) to the shipping company Solvang ASA. Meyer Werft has specialized in the construction of LPG and ethylene tankers. The LEG/LPG tankers for Norway have a length overall of 154.90 m, a breadth of 22.70 m, a cargo capacity of 17.000 cbm and can operate at a speed of 17.7 kts. Continue Reading »

CQ At the Bottom of the Sea The 2-seater personal submarine was recently debuted by C-Quester. Fully electric, the CQ-2 keeps cabin pressure at one atmosphere, meaning you can travel up and down with no decompression issues. A charge will last you 2 1/2 hours underwater, and there’s a bunch of safety systems including enough air for 36 hours in the case of an emergency. Continue Reading »

Boat Fire and Rescue Boat from Northwind Supplies The Argus class vessels built by Northwind Marine(USA) are supplied for fire fighting and search and rescue missions involving both marine and onshore operations. The craft offer 1000-gpm pumping capacity and up to 3000 gpm when operating as a water supply source. Continue Reading »

VT Halmatic New patrol craft designs VT Halmatic (USA) launched a series of new fast patrol craft designs. They range from 16m to 29m and are designed to be versatile, multi-role platforms optimized for homeland security duties such as patrol, anti-terrorist, search and rescue, surveillance, Coastguard and Economic Exclusion Zone operations. Continue Reading »

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