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Amico completes rebuild of Ocean Glory

Amico Amico & Co concluded the long and accurate rebuilt works of Ocean Glory, a motor-yacht built in 1935. A new and prestigious result achieved by the Italian shipyard based in Genoa. Continue Reading »

Vanguard submarine Rolls-Royce to back up British submarines Rolls-Royce has signed a 10-year contract with the UK Ministry of Defence worth ?1 billion to help keep Royal Navy submarines at sea. Continue Reading »

Axial`s engine Axial to show off its boat engine in Dubai Axial Vector Engine Corporation said that on August 15, 2007 a demonstration and technical presentation of its Marine GAS CAM engine will be made to prospective licensees who have signed confidentiality and non disclosure agreements. Continue Reading »

S&Y`s Thor S&Y completes its newest tug sea trials The US Suderman and Young Towing Company, L.P. (S&Y) announced the completion of the sea-trials for its newest tug Thor. Continue Reading »

Tanker To serve gas industry Guido Perla & Associates, Inc. (USA) is providing the design for two additional versions of the Coselle Compressed Natural Gas CNG carrier. Continue Reading »

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