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Rolls-Royce Provides Design and Systems Integration for COSCO Vessels

One of the leading power systems manufacturers Rolls-Royce has won a £26 million order to design and provide power and propulsion and equipment package. Continue Reading »

1,000 ships were frozen in the Yellow Sea This winter the temperature in China has fallen to its lowest level in three decades. Continue Reading »

Garcon SEA AXE 6711 SEA AXE 6711: garcon or motherboat? No, this is not a luxury yacht. This is a fast yachts support vessel SEA AXE 6711. Continue Reading »

Unique Three-in-one Contraption Such a three-in-one contraption which combines: a boat and a car with an extended trailer and also a living space inside. Continue Reading »

Container ship in storm – the feelings of the captain This is how Aivazovsky imagined storm. He would probably paint more breathtaking picture if he saw the video below. Continue Reading »

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