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Caterpillar New B Series Articulated Trucks

Caterpillar 740B Caterpillar 740B. Photo source Caterpillar

Caterpillar introduces the next generation of articulated trucks new B Series models which include the 735B, offering a 36-ton (32.7-tonne) payload, the 740B with its 43.5-ton (39.5-tonne) payload, and the 740B EJ with popular ejector body, carrying a 42-ton (38-tonne) payload. All three models are available with either Tier2/Stage2 equivalent or Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB certified emissions configurations to meet the needs of customers around the world. Both configurations feature revised transmission and traction control systems that enable higher productivity. The new trucks also focus on reducing driver effort and cutting operator fatigue through improved cab design.

Caterpillar has further improved its six-wheel-drive system. A new, fully proportional torque-distribution automatic traction control (ATC) system eliminates the need for any driver intervention to maintain maximum traction in difficult operating conditions. With the new proportional ATC system, the truck automatically and constantly varies the required proportion of lock-up on both cross-axle and inter-axle diff locks as underfoot conditions change. The new proportional ATC system works in harmony with the hydraulic steering system—without compromise in tight turning maneuvers. The optimized proportional ATC system results in improved traction in all operating conditions for reduced cycle times and improved productivity.

Caterpillar also has upgraded its field proven automatic transmission with the introduction of a number of significant technological improvements. These changes mean that gear changes are much smoother, as torque is maintained through each gear change, resulting in improved acceleration, especially on grades. Part Throttle Shifting at lower speeds results in improved fuel efficiency and easier machine operation and provides the operator an automotive feel during gear changes.

The Cat truck offers the ideal operator environment. The redesigned instrument cluster and fully customizable Color Multi-Purpose Display (CMPD) give the operator all of the information needed. Machine monitoring includes information as diverse fuel levels, autolube status, load count and major component temperatures. The CMPD also incorporates a live feed from the rear view camera, which is automatically engaged when reverse gear is selected. An upgraded driver’s seat with new multiple position adjustments improves the class-leading ride quality further, while new materials offer improved durability and long service life. A heated driver’s seat is available as an option. The heating and air-conditioning system has been upgraded to improve efficiency and ensure the ideal climate in the cab.




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