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VOLVO in the largest mine in the world


Do you know how wheel loaders Volvo CE keep themselves warm, working round the clock in the largest mine in the world, which is located at the north of the Arctic Circle where the temperature is 30ºC below zero? They shift 76,000 tonnes of iron ore each day. Kiruna mine is really uses Volvo technique in the most severe way.



Kiruna mine, situated in Lapland, northern Sweden, is almost always covered with a thick layer of snow. Wheel loaders work at a depth of two kilometers. LTH Traktor is responsible for the selection of best equipment there. They choose the machines with the highest efficiency level only. The chosen technique must have low fuel consumption, low exhaust emissions and good power.


LTH Traktor’s site manager Martin Fredrickson complains on the growing prices for the diesel fuel year per year. According to him the lion`s share of the total production costs they have is the cost of fuel. Therefore, the company’s financial stability may be kept only by having the machines with the lowest fuel consumption.


That is why LTH Traktor has 177 units of Volvo CE products in its fleet. It transport raw ore and grey rock. To be more exact we should say that these are 19 excavators, 15 articulated dump trucks and 49 wheel loaders. 8 of them working 20-24 hours a day are from the latest G series.

What led to the G Series choosing? It is level of exhaust which meets Tier 4i and Stage IIIB standards, electronic fuel injection, which can significantly reduce the fuel consumption level. In addition, the machines of this series have good torque even at low engine speeds. The operators who worked on the machines notice this too.


But now the market is full of construction equipment which engines meet such environmental standards. Here the choice is justified by the fact that the Volvo CE G Series wheel loader may regenerate exhaust gases without stopping or loosing additional power.


In addition to what was said above these wheel loaders are equipped by remote monitoring system CareTrack in standard. CareTrack makes reports on fuel consumption, the location of the machine, the error in the system, and reminds the planned service when the time comes.


To plan the work with such system is a great pleasure, as Fredrickson says. You can see what kind of machine is most suitable for one or another task.







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