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Ural motorcycles are produced only for the Americans

Ural Yamal Limited Edition 2012 Ural Yamal Limited Edition 2012. Photo source Ural Motorcycles

Ural Motorcycles decided to please their American fans by a releasing of limited edition of three-wheeled motorcycle Ural Yamal Limited Edition 2012. Only 50 unit will be produced.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

It differs from other bikes by its unique design. This bike will be sold only in America. The manufacturers wanted to explain for the Americans that the bike is a super efficient and all-terrain. So they didn’t find a better way than to compare it with the Russian nuclear icebreaker "Yamal"!

imageRussian nuclear icebreaker Yamal

As a result, the bike was colored in orange-and-black and has a jaw in the sidecar. Well, the resemblance with Yamal is obvious and what about specs?

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

The two wheels can drive in 4WD motion. The sidecar drive and rear-wheel drive of the motorcycle are rigidly coupled on the drive line. The 4WD is equipped by non-differential drive and the parking brake. 4WD can be switched on demand by a special lever. There is a dual disk dry clutch on the engine flywheel.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

In case you go over head the automatic rollover support starts working.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

The bike wears a 4-stroke 2-cylinder boxer engine with air cooling and 749 cm3 displacement at 40 hp by 5600 rpm. The motorcycle can be started either by "legs" (a kickstarter), and by “hands" (with electric starting system, which is situated on the steering wheel). The Japanese Keihin carburetors provide the stability to the engine.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

Ural Yamal Limited Edition 2012 is equipped by SACHS shock absorbers and Brembo hydraulic front disc brakes.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

All terrain tire is mounted behind the sidecar. There are two fog lights are on the sidecar bumper installed. The powder layer is applied over the basic painting in order to prevent the bike’s body from the corrosion or scratching.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

The windshield provides both the driver and the passenger. A driver has also a hand protection. Clearance of the motorcycle is 5.9 inches. Fuel tack capacity is 18.9 liters. Spoke wheels size is 19 inches.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

The overall dimensions of the motorcycle are 101.6”x66.9”x43.3”. The seat height is 30.9”. The dry weight of the bike is 739 lbs. The top speed is 62mph. The fuel consumption in the city is 33 mph and on the highway is 26 mph.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

Ural motorcycles gives a 2-years long guarantee on its product in order to prove the efficiency of the Ural Yamal Limited Edition 2012.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

As for the similarity to the icebreaker, there is also a paddle mounted to the sidecar, which can transform into the boat. It’s done to prevent driver from sinking while breaking the ice. Though the words are on the paddle saying that it won’t help you from sinking.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

The prices for the bike starts from 14,250 dollars.

imageUral Yamal Limited Edition 2012

As for Russians, they can buy only these models:

imageSolo sT, which costs $8350.

imageRetro Solo, which costs $9050.



imageGear Up, which costs $11290.

imageRetro, which costs $11450.

imageTourist-T, which costs $9050.

imageTourist, which costs $9950.

imagePatrol, which costs $11000.

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