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Lotus C-01 super bike from Kodewa

Lotus C-01 Lotus C-01. Photo source www.mainpump.com

Kodewa Performance Motorcycles has officially unveiled new Lotus-branded C-01 motorcycle. The C-01 developed over two years features a stylish exterior and an exclusive frame constructed from carbon fiber, titanium and aerospace steel. The new model is powered by a 1.2-liter V-twin engine producing 200 hp (147 kW).




Despite the fact that motorcycle wears Lotus name, the famous British producer was not involved in its development and production, Kodewa licensed the name to provide prestige to the latest model. According to Kodewa boss the main goal was to create not just a bike to ride, but a state of the art technology. Lotus C-01 production will be limited to only 100 units.





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