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Cummins Receives $54 Million for SuperTruck and Light-Duty Projects

United States Secretary of Energy Steven Chu United States Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.

United States Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu announced that Cummins will receive nearly $54 million in funding from the Department of Energy (DOE) for two projects aimed at improving fuel efficiency in heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles. Cummins will receive nearly $39 million in funding to support systems level technology development, integration, and demonstration for highly efficient Class 8 trucks (SuperTruck). The Company will receive an additional $15 million in funding to support advanced technology powertrains for light-duty vehicles (ATP-LD). In addition to the benefits of reduced fuel consumption and petroleum usage, the improvements in engine system efficiency will deliver a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Cummins will partner with Peterbilt Motors Company, a division of PACCAR, for its SuperTruck project. The Cummins project will develop and demonstrate a highly efficient and clean diesel engine, an advanced waste heat recovery system, an aerodynamic Peterbilt tractor and trailer combination, and a fuel cell auxiliary power unit to reduce engine idling.

The goal of the SuperTruck program initiated by the DOE is to improve Class 8 vehicle freight efficiency by 50 percent through advanced and highly efficient engine systems and vehicle technologies that also meet prevailing emissions and Class 8 tractor-trailer vehicle safety and regulatory requirements. Every facet of energy consumption of a Class 8 tractor and trailer will be addressed through the development and integration of advanced technologies. The ATP-LD program will develop a fuel-efficient, low emissions diesel engine that achieves a 40 percent fuel economy improvement over conventional gasoline technology and significantly exceeds 2010 EPA emissions requirements.

Cummins looks forward to continuing partnership with DOE to develop advanced diesel, hybrid and natural gas engine technologies that will deliver more efficient and cleaner combustion engines to customers.




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