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Brazilian machinery industry is hoping for a better fate

The machinery and equipment industry is one of the greatest sectors in the Brazilian economy. Made up of 4,000 companies, the sector generates over 200,000 jobs, has revenues of US$ 23 billion a year and exports around US$ 9.3 billion - it is in the second place in the rank of main exporters and manufacturers in the country.

In total, there are 27 segments that include from producers of agricultural machinery to the textile industry. Of the total number of companies, 60% are small, 30% Continue Reading »

Russia: machinery analysis In spite of general recession in mechanical engineering in Russian Federation, production volume of excavators continues to grow.

A production trend of machines and equipment in the first part of 2006 was 91.3% against 108.7 % in 2005 respectively. At the same time production of main types of machines and equipment had the following trend.

Transport and equipment manufacturing growth in the first half of 2006 was 105, 6% comparing to the same period in 2005.

During Continue Reading »

The future of Russian farming machinery will be determined on February 22th Yesterday, Russian Indusrty and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko had a meeting with representatives of agricultural machinery manufacturers. The meeting was held within the framework of preparation of the issue “On actions necessary for development of Russian farming machinery building” scheduled to be considered during the Government meeting on 22th of February, 2005.

Preparing its solutions, the Ministry always interacts with representatives of all interested parties. The Ministry Continue Reading »

Post-Katrina equipment demand may affect lead times

While there"s no doubt the equipment needs in the central Gulf Coast will be massive in the coming months, it still remains to be seen if this demand will create a vacuum that makes meeting needs in other areas of the country problematic.

"We were in the middle of the peak construction season, so there already was a vibrant demand for new and used equipment," says Gerry Plescia, president, Hertz Equipment Rental, which bought between $10 to $20 million in equipment to meet the company"s Continue Reading »

Japanese Soil-Mixing Machine Makes U.S. Debut on Aquifer Cut-Off Wall Project

Mix-Up. Looking like a giant chain saw, machine achieves full-depth soil-mix through all strata. 

In its North American debut, a Japanese-made deep-soil mixing machine is being used to construct a test cut-off wall to stop saltwater intrusion into a Long Beach, Calif., aquifer. If successful, the technique could replace an expensive water-injection system.

Two test cells, 25 ft long and 25 ft wide, were cut into the aquitard. One is about 65 ft deep, the other 80ft. They Continue Reading »

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