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Oskosh MTVR supplies US Army

Oshkosh MTVR Oshkosh MTVR. Photo source Oshkosh

The MTVR is for Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement. In fact, it is an all-terrain cargo trucks family manufactured by Oshkosh especially for the US Marine Corps and US Navy. Initially the MTVR family was ordered for US Marine Corps to replace the existing medium truck fleet under the programme. At this moment Navy Seabees have received more than 11000 MTVR units.

MTVR is towing howitzer

The MTVR vehicles were extensively explored in Afghanistan and Iraq. The MTVR can transport fuel, troops, water, supplies and food. The vehicle is also able to tow the lightweight 155mm howitzer M777.

16,5-Ton LHS 8x8

Oshkosh have been manufacturing vehicles for the US Army for more than 90 yaers. In December 1998 Oshkosh got the production contract for manufacturing of four MTVR cargo models. In March 2005 this corporation received a contract from the US Navy on $23.9m to deliver 92 units of military tractor-trailers on the base of the MTVR chassis.

9-Ton LHS 6x6

In October 2008, the Command System of US Marine Corps placed a $46m contract to supply over 170 MTVR trucks for the US Navy Seabees. In April 2010, the corporation was awarded a contract on 44 million dollars by the Command System of US Marine Corps to manufacture more than 5750 upgrade kits for the US Marine Corps fleet of MTVR. In September 2012, the same US Marine Corps placed a contract on 67 million dollars to deliver more than 260 MTVR trucks for the US Marine Corps.

MK23 and MK25

The MTVR range consists of nine models. They are MK25 and MK23 Standard Cargo Truck, MK28 and MK27 Extended Cargo Truck, MK30 and MK29 Dump Truck, MK36 Wrecker, MK31 Tractor, MK37 HIMARS Resupply Vehicle, 9-Ton LHS 6x6, 4x4 Short Bed Cargo and 16.5-Ton LHS 8x8.

MK27 and MK28

Among the best MTVR’s features is a welded all-aluminium cab, which is mounted on a torsionally rigid channel section chassis frame. The standard layout of MTVR is the next one: at the front is the engine, in the middle is crew cab and in the rear is cargo/troop section. The crew cab can transport three marines.

The overall dimension of MTVR cargo variant: width of 2.4m, a length of 8.02m and a height of 3.5m. The curb weight of the basic cargo variant is 12,6 tonn.

MK29 and MK30

The MTVR can be updated by Oshkosh UGV technology – TerraMax – that is used for unmanned operations conducting and by a fuel-efficient MTVR technology. The new vehicle, that will be delivered to US Navy, will be equipped with an advanced auxiliary power unit, fuel-efficient engine and electric propulsion systems.


The cargo compartment and the crew cab are equipped with an MTVR Armour System to protect the crew from 7.62mm Armour Piercing rounds and 7.62mm M80 ball rounds. It can also can provide the mine and explosive devices protection.


All the vehicle’s bottoms have a rolled homogeneous armour and aluminium armour to withstand the impact of mortar rounds and grenades.

The MTVR wear Caterpillar C-13 six-cylinder diesel engine in combinatiob with an Allison seven-speed automatic transmission, an Oshkosh single-speed transfer box and torque converter. It’s maximum output is 440hp.


The MTVR is equipped by arktic trim and can be operated at -45°C.

All the MTVR models are also equipped with independent coil-spring suspension, which has got the index Oshkosh TAK-4. It provides great mobility and allows each wheel to move independently from each other on the uneven ground. The vehicle get an automatic traction control and anti-lock brakes. The Central Tire Inflation System allows the driver to select tire inflation pressures, according to terrain type and vehicle payload.

MTVR 4x4

The vehicle can reveal a maximum speed up to 105 km/h and on-road cruising range is 483 km. It can traverse even 30% side slope and a 60% gradient being maximum loaded. The vehicle can ford waters up to 1,5 meter deep.

MTVR is rolling out from the transport ship

It can be internally transported by C-17, C-5 and C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. The MK23 cargo variant can be airlifted under-slung by CH-53 helicopter.

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