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LRSVM Multiple launcher

LRSVM LRSVM. Photo source www.mainpump.com

At the moment, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to purchase multiple rocket launchers Tornado-G and Tornado-C. And their Slavs fellows from Serbia, meanwhile act on a principle of "Vaska listens, but eat." Why will they make additional costs if they have a fresh development – LRSVM MLRS? And this is a good development, if to take in account the fact that it entered a service in UAE, who is the most whimsical and very picky people that can afford to any facility in the world. So what is LRSVM good for?


LRSVM – it`s a multiple rocket launcher, developed in the Serbian Military Technical Institute (in Belgrade), which is used to attack a personnel target, fortifications and light armored cars. LRSVM can be used to conduct strike missions. At the moment, it entered service in the Serbian army and in the army of UAE.


The advantage of the MRL is in its charging versatility - it can shoot different types of rockets, different range or fire from a single platform. All functions of this combat vehicle are fully automated, which means that the LRSVM can autonomously assign tasks. The additional advantages of Serbian MLRS is in integrated fire control system and interoperability transport-launch containers. When enemy makes air barraging the MLRS can be taken for a conventional truck due to its tent disguise.


On the downside of the LRSVM, it may be noted here that it reveals its position while shooting due to the flame and smoke. There is also raises notable difficulty for small ranges of fire: because the rockets engine runs until the burnout. Though we must admit that the Serbs worked hard on reducing the intervals between bursts and the time of MB transfer in the deployed position, which is only 45 seconds. It takes LRSVM half a minute to leave a firing position.

LRSVM applied missiles:





The number of transporter-launcher container

Plamen A

8.6 km

Unguided missile



Plamen D

12.6 km

Unguided missile



Oganj M77

20.5 km

Unguided missile




35 km

Unguided missile




11 km

Unguided missile




LRSVM guidance subsystem consists of an inertial navigation system and absolute encryption devices. The structure consists of two artillery transport-launch container and reusable containers. In general, "truck" can withstand the load of 6 tons.


And this is how the project of LRSVM looked before manufacturing. It was mounted on the armored SOKO chassis. However, the designers apparently changed their minds and decided to rely on the experience of the Soviet development (author – you know).


The current version of the MLRS was mounted on two-wheel-drive chassis of FAP 1118 truck. It is not armored, but as the producers say, LRSVM can be optionally mounted on armored chassis. The MLRS wears 4-cylinder OM 904 LA turbocharged diesel engine which works together with the FAP 6MS 60-P 98 transmission. Engine output is 174 hp. Fuel tank capacity is 200 liters.


And this variant of LRSVM was developed specifically for UAE Armed Forces. Pay attention to its chassis – it is modernized Nimr 6x6 terrain chassis. The radius of damage here is 11 km. The launcher is charging a 107-mm Roketsan missiles manufactured by Turkish company. It can also contain Serbian-built missile with similar caliber, produced in Belgrade by Engine Development and Production.


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