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Tetrapan enters in service

Tatrapan Tatrapan. Photo source www.mainpump.com

Tatrapan multifunctional armored vehicle produced by VYVOJ Martin has entered in service in Slovakia and Greece. This APC 6x6 can be used to transport weapons or troops. At the time, APCs Tatrapan participated in peacekeeping missions in NATO and the UN. A military glory of the machine was gained in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Cyprus, the Golan Heights and in Iraq.


BTR crew consists of two or three members. This is, as a rule, the crew commander, driver and gunner. The interior can accommodate 10 soldiers. APC is 8.4 m long, 2.8 m height. Vehicle weight is 22 tons. Each APC can perform a variety of functions, all of them are different, so Piranha III performs one functions, TAPV-H - others. And Tatrapan can be a command post vehicle, supply truck, ammunition vehicle, mobile workshop vehicle and ambulances, reconnaissance and police vehicle.


BTR is constantly updated: engine output has recently been increased, automatic transmission installed, protection against mines enhanced and air conditioning system improved.


Slovak APC built on the chassis of the Tatra T-815 combat vehicle. Cabin is equipped with night vision system, intercom with the passenger compartment and the common communications. The cabin roof is equipped with heptagonal slot for a 7.62-mm machine gun turret. And on the roof of the cargo part there can be mounted the 12.7-mm machine gun. Tatrapan with V-shaped bottom is able to withstand a direct shot of 7.62- mm armor piercing bullets or a mine explosion in the vicinity.

Tatra T-815

APC sets 6-cylinder KHD Deutz diesel engine, water-cooled, which runs in pair with TD 611 175 automatic transmission. The engine produces maximum power rated at 450 hp and torque at 2000 Nm at 1200 and 1500 rpm, respectively. Engine and fuel tank are equipped with fire protection system.


Thanks AWD Tatrapan behaves good in rugged terrain. The ground clearance is 390 mm, and the outer turning radius is 23 meters. APC has three self-locking differential and center differential, i.e. on each axis, as well as a free suspension on all wheels with independent rotary control, a tubular frame and a central tire inflation system. Even when the ambient air temperature reaches 55°C above zero APC quietly reveals maximum speed in 80 km/h, has a 1000-km mileage, passes the 1.4-m fords and a 0.6-m vertical grade.

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