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Indians Armament: Super Stallion

Super Stallion 6x6 Super Stallion 6x6. Photo source www.mainpump.com

Hinduja Group, its branch Ashok Leyland to be more exact, has developed a new highly mobile vehicle Super Stallion. The prototype for the creation of such a vehicle served Stallion truck, on which platform it was built. Stallion is in service in the Indian Army now.

Super Stallion 8x8

Super Stallion is available in three variants - 6x6, 8x8 and Field Artillery Tractor (FAT). The latter can be equipped with a winch with a pulling force rated at 10 tons and a 2.7 Tm crane superstructure. All of these can be used for transporting handguns and howitzers.

Super Stallion FAT

Super Stallion 6x6 has a large number of transmissions. Due to the fact that this truck has the lowest weight in its lineup, it can develop a top speed at 99 km/h (FAT’s speed is 86 km/h).

Super Stallion 6x6

However, special attention should be given to Super Stallion 8x8. The layout of the truck is standard: front mounted cab and engine compartment, rear mounted the cargo room. For convenient driving in all-terrain the cab was mounted on the newest parabolic suspension. Both seats in the cabin can easily be transformed into a bed. Optionally 7.4Mt crane with remote control or a 12-ton winch can be installed on a truck chassis. Truck is equipped with a system of satellite monitoring of transport.

Super Stallion 8x8 general data

Length, m


Height, m


Width, m


Empty truck weight, t


Load capacity, t


Super Stallion 8x8

In standard all model are not equipped with weapons. Super Stallions wear Neptune 360 engines, which are connected to the 8S151 transmissions (8 forward shifts, 1 reverse). Engine develops maximum power rated at 360 hp at 2200 rpm. The maximum torque at 1400 Nm kept at 1300 to 1500 rpm engine speeds. Usually, trucks with such a shelf of torque are well suited for driving on the hard terrain, and can pull the crew of any quagmire.

Super Stallion 8x8 specs

Max speed, km/h


Turning radius, m


Road clearance, mm




Approach and departure angle


Super Stallion 8x8

All models are equipped by central tyres inflation system, inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks.

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