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Let’s put away the veil from the 2015 third-generation Mazda3


It seems that now all new Mazdas will be released within KODO philosophy (CX-5, Mazda6). In confirmation of this, the next generation Mazda3 2015 model year was released. When experts saw its spy photos at first time they wondered if hatchback would have Ford`s C1 platform or Mazda SKYACTIV? The only thing that was known for sure is that the new Mazda3 chassis will reduce fuel consumption.


But, all the answers lay under a black and white phony decals, which tightly enveloped the entire surface of the Mazda3.


Than there was shown the computer vision of the new Mazda3. If you look further, you will understand - it`s not quite what you get.


Thick folds of this version feels heavy. The car can’t sustain the three main ideas of “KODO - Soul of Motion”: strength, tension and beauty. It certainly must become so: it`s Zoom-Zoom designers tried to realize the concept of Nakayama.



And now attention, please. Let’s break the black and white phony decals from the final version of 2015 Mazda3!


Third generation of Mazda3 is not "smiling from ear to ear," and has a heart-shaped grille with horizontal ribs. Side mirrors are moved closer to the front seats from the corners of doors. Rear lights became narrower and longer. Scarlet "lips" of body embrace the rear license plate.


As for the platform, it turned out to be a CX-5platform, but in a shortened form. 6-speed automatic sends the 200 Nm of torque to the drive front wheels. The motor is a 4-cylinder 2.0L STYACTIV-G with the power output in 155 hp.

Third generation of Mazda3 should come in time to the 2015 model year. This means that the debut of the car could be held this year even. And by the way, we have no doubt that together with the hatchback, there will be shown the Mazda 3 Sedan and its top configuration Mazdaspeed at the exhibition.

By the way, compare the Mazda6 and Mazda3. Try to find the 10 differences: you see Mazda6.



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