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More power with Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco LP 13-20 power pack Atlas Copco LP 13-20 power pack.

Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC introduces the diesel-powered LP 13-20 DEL to its line of hydraulic power packs. The new power pack places less load on the engine when working with demanding tools like heavier handheld hydraulic breakers, and is ruggedly built to withstand vibrations during operation.

The LP 13-20 DEL is powered by an air-cooled, 10-horsepower Lombardini series 15LD diesel engine, with recoil and electric start. Comparison tests with previous other power pack models have shown that the new engine is less loaded in demanding conditions.

The new pack offers hydraulic oil flow of 5.3 gallons per minute at a maximum pressure of 2,175 psi. The power pack has an oil capacity of 1.3 gallons to sufficiently fill the pack, hoses and an attached tool.

A thermostatically-controlled air blast oil cooler on the power pack warms up the engine quickly while protecting hydraulic oil from overheating. This allows the correct working temperature to be achieved after just a few minutes of operation, even in cold, winter conditions. A filter condition gauge is included to indicate when the oil flow return line filter needs replacement.

The IT 13-20 DEL is well suited for tunneling jobs and poorly ventilated areas, as well as other applications where diesel is preferred. Offering a higher power-to-weight ratio than competing pneumatic and electric systems, the 256-pound hydraulic power pack can efficiently power a wide assortment of handheld hydraulic tools and breakers for various construction, utility and demolition projects.

For optimal durability, the LP 13-20 DEL is designed with a reinforced chassis that is integrated with the tank and fan housing — to accept the higher vibrations and load from its diesel engine. Additionally, a tubular stainless steel frame protects the power pack`s internal components and inhibits rust and corrosion damage. The frame is also mounted in rubber suspensions to further reduce wear and extend equipment life.

The power pack features foldable handles for easy lifting and solid large diameter wheels for maneuverability around a jobsite. The LP 13-20 DEL is 23.6 inches wide, 29.3 inches long, and 27.8 inches tall. At this compact size, the pack requires minimal storage space, can be placed on a shelf, and fits in the back of a van.




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