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Railwaymen`s helpers


We are presenting for you devices that make the work of railwaymen easier.

ROBEL 34.02 clipping machine

The first device is - ROBEL 34.02 clipping machine. It powered by hybrid power pack. The four-stroke engine Honda GX200 with air cooling works as a petrol engine. To reduce the noise while working the engine is encapsulated. The device is equipped with two working modules – Fastclip and E-clip. ROBEL 34.02 has special additional device for fast change of the working modules. There are three base components – the working modules, the power pack and PTO. The weight of each one is nearly 70 kg. Thanks for the small overall dimensions ROBEL 34.02 can be easily transported. The ergonomical advantage of this device is that the engine is fully separated from the working module and the power is delivered by hydraulic transmission.

"Dynamic Bogie Test Rig", model DTR-25

The second device is produced by the company Danobatgroup Railways. This is a "Dynamic Bogie Test Rig", model DTR-25. The tests can be held in the territory of depot now. The train can simulate the moving with the operative speed in 100 km/h. The time expenses were reduced thank for this equipment. Moreover, DTR-25 contains the integrated data and value capture system.

Underfloor Wheel Lathe

Danobatgroup Railways launched Underfloor Wheel Lathe too. This device has a unique possibility to corrective wheels and brakes without disassemble them from train. The special design helps to reprofile these components.

The Sector Profile Scanner construction

One more innovation the Fraunhofer Institute presented – it’s a laser Sector Profile Scanner (SPS). Its main task is to detect the detached coupling and slipped cargo.




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