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Jungheinrich New Double-Deck Pedestrian Truck

Jungheinrich ERD 220 Jungheinrich ERD 220. Photo source Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich is launching a new battery-powered, pedestrian-controlled truck. As a double-deck forklift, the ERD 220 can be used for a wide variety of applications — for example for loading and unloading lorries with two different lading levels or for combined pallet truck/forklift applications. On a purely technical level this truck can be classified as an electric pallet/electric pedestrian-controlled truck. The new truck was designed for pedestrian as well as stand-on operation. When the platform is folded out, the ERD 220 can attain speeds of more than 12 kilometres per hour.

The ERD 220 owes its top speeds as well as its dynamic, yet energy-saving driving characteristics primarily to its proprietary Jungheinrich three-phase AC drive technology as well as its control electronics. For particularly intensive applications the user can optionally equip the truck with special high-performance batteries which have a maximum nominal capacity of 465 Ah.

In developing the new ERD 220, Jungheinrich succeeded in combining the highest safety standards with an outstanding level of driver comfort. The truck for example comes with electric steering for non-strenuous operation, even when transporting heavy loads. As part of the truck’s standard operating mode, electric steering requires only minimal exertion on the part of the operator, allowing for effortless, precise control. And Jungheinrich Curve Control automatically lowers the truck’s maximum speed on corners, dependent on the steering angle.

In addition to its cushioned stand-on platform, the ERD 220’s entire drive system is protected by the ShockProtect feature. Further safety features include reduced speed when the load is raised, reduced travel speed in pedestrian operating mode, good visibility through the mast due to the cut-out battery hood and, finally, SpeedControl, which protects against any unintentional rolling, ensuring reliable operation on ramps.

The new Jungheinrich double-deck truck boasts an array of additional ergonomic features, including an option for the highly responsive lifting and lowering of loads. A further option involves the gentle lowering of sensitive loads, consisting of an automatic reduction of the lowering speed over the last few millimeters.




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