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Cat 336 EH hybrid excavator

Cat 336EH Cat 336EH. Photo source Caterpillar

At the press event in the headquarters in Peoria, Illinois, Caterpillar announced its first hybrid excavator Cat 336EH.


This is the first hybrid excavator from the upcoming line. The official presentation of the Cat 336EH will take place at Bauma International Trade Fair in Munich, Germany in April, 2013.


The hybrid system of the Cat 336EH, unlike the automobile’s one, doesn’t mean the combination of the petrol or diesel engine with the electric powertrain. It means the hydraulic hybrid technology which allows to reach greater fuel efficiency – up to 25% versus Cat 336E and up to 50% versus 336D.


For this moment Cat 336EH is the biggest hybrid excavator in the world. Its sound level is 65.2 decibel.

The prinzipe of the new hybrid technology is that the excavator can reuse the energy. The Cat 336 EH has two start-stops in the typical 15-seconds load and dump cycles. When the machine slows, it reuses the energy of the swing system.


Here are three components added to Cat 336EH:
1) Electronic Standardized Programmable Pump: The Caterpillar matched the work of the engine and the pump, so it can use a larger displacement pump and reduce fuel consumption significantly.
2) Adaptive Control System: It is the brain of the system, which directs the flow of the energy throughout the machine.
3) Hydraulic Hybrid Swing System: This doesn’t allow the swing braking energy to be wasted and reuses it.


The price foe the novelty is still unknown, Though the Caterpillar mentioned that one can pay for it within 12 months or 2000 operating hours. You can order the excavator in the dealer centre from the February, 2013 and the delivery starts from the April, 2013.


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