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Mitsubishi got new Fuso FA, FI, FJ, FO and FZ


Enriching in Canter style

Fuso FA, FI, FJ, FO and FZ

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) released five new models of trucks under the program FUSO 2015. Prototypes of the trucks were assembled at the factory of concern DICV Oragadam in India.

Fuso FA

As light-weight series there were added Fuso FA and FI. Weight of the models varies within 9 to 16 tons. As mid-size truck with a mass from 25 to 49 tones there were added Fuso FJ, FO and FZ. The trucks sales will start by the end of June this year.

Fuso FI

The first two models are built on a Daimler Trucks platform, which is called in Mitsubishi as Fighter. Cabin for new vehicles was taken from the Canter. FA and FI wear newly developed 4D37 diesel engine, which is connected to a 6-speed manual transmission. Power output can be 100 or 125 kW, with torque of 420 Nm or 520, respectively.

Fuso FJ

FA has a 4x2 wheel formulae and weight of 9 tons. This model’s chassis can wear only cargo compartment.

Fuso FJ

As for the Fuso FI, it can serve as concrete mixer and a dump truck in addition to its direct purpose. Its weight, depending on the equipment installed, is 12 or 16 tons.

Fuso FJ

Midsize FJ, FO and FZ are also built on the Daimler Trucks platform. But unlike previous models they use Mercedes-Benz Axor chassis. Trucks are equipped with new diesel engines 6S20 rated at 170 or 205 kW (torque - 810 Nm and 1100). These motors can be attached to two transmissions - 6 - or 9-speed manual transmission.

General specs of Mitsubishi Fuso FJ, FO and FZ:


Wheel formulae


Mounted construction

Mitsubishi Fuso FJ

6х2, 6х4

25 ton

Cargo, Dump, Mixer

Mitsubishi Fuso FO

8х2, 8х4

31 ton

Cargo, Dump, Mixer

Mitsubishi Fuso FZ

4х2, 6х2, 6х4

40/49 ton


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