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Bus modern Mitsubishi Fuso MP300


Recently, the Japanese brand Mitsubishi Fuso is working hard to expand its lineup. They recently launched the small truck Canter FG 4x4 then the whole line of trucks Fuso FA, FI, FJ, FO and FZ then an electric tractor Canter E-CELL, and now it is the turn to expand the range of city buses.Called the new model FUSO MP300. That`s how it looks.


The bus has an ultra conservative floor and can accommodate 63 passengers (34 seats, 29 standing). Among the benefits of new items small turning radius of 18 meters, which endows it with good maneuverability in narrow streets. Also, the bus is equipped with exhaust after-treatment BlueTec ®, which involves the selective catalytic reduction and diesel particulate filter with a regenerative function. The model is equipped with 7.5-liter brand engine, turbocharged 6M60, which is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. To reduce fuel consumption, the engine automatically goes into idle mode during idle times. Dimensions are MP300: 10.5-11 m, length 3,122 m in height and 2.490 m in width.

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