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Excavator PW180-10 – Komatsu pride


Komatsu has released a new wheel excavator PW180-10. The vehicle boasts a reduction in fuel consumption:
• by 10% when using the bucket
• and 15% for movement
compared with the previous model PW180-7. These results were achieved through the installation of a variable-geometry turbocharger and modern electronic control unit inside the engine. The corporation provides 9,000 operational hours of warranty on diesel particulate filter installed in the engine.

Komatsu PW180-10

Engine of Komatsu PW180-10 is certified according to EU Stage IIIB (S3B) and EPA Tier 4 Interim. The machine is equipped with KOMTRAX ™ remote monitoring system. With the top speed at 35 km/h, PW180-10 is the most high-speed in the class of midi-excavators.

Komatsu PW180-7

The cabin is certified in accordance with ROPS. Inside, the 7-inch LCD-display shows information in 25 languages. An operator can choose from five modes of the excavator with the monitor:
1) Power;
2) Economy;
3) Heavy Lift;
4) Breaker;
5) Attachment.
Here you can also find information on fuel consumption in every day and request records of machine breakdowns. More or less, monitor displays an image of the rear view camera.

Komatsu PW180-10

Specifications of Komatsu PW180-10 Wheel Excavator:

Weight, t

17,0 – 19,2


Komatsu SAA6D107-1

Engine output, HP / kW

165 / 123

Top speed, km/h


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