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Crane KS-8973


Crane KS-8973 is mounted 100-Ton crane on a special five axle chassis, which allows travel on all roads. Total weight of the crane in transport position 60 tons (12 tonnes per axle), including mounted on the boom jib, hook block for loads up to 60 tons, and a counterweight 4,8 t
A special crane frame of high-strength steel box section. Supports crane are four two-section telescopic beams of high strength steel with hydraulic extension (retraction) assembly with support cylinders and glides (base plates). Management and control of a crane hanging on the support possible from both sides in the course of the crane. There is a device for controlling the angle of inclination of the crane.

Crane KS-8973

Engine crane KS-8973 diesel, compression ignition, V-shaped arrangement of cylinders with the angle of 90 °, with water cooling. Rated output at engine speed 2100 rpm / min 345,5 kW (470 HP) Fuel tank capacity of 375 liters. Gearbox truck crane automatic six-speed, ZF "Ecomat 6HP900" electronically. Steering crane KS-8973 Hydraulic, dual circuit system with reinforcement mechanisms, the two main and one backup (emergency) pumps. Management of the chassis by turning the wheels of the first, second, fourth and fifth axes. When maneuvering gear (crane) can be switched mode control movements such as the "Crab" (with the kinematic mismatch turn "of the first and second axes" and "the fourth and fifth axes") when picked up third wheel axis.

Crane KS-8973

Crane cabin has a modern design and all-round view of the working area. Ergonomically located equipment for command and control. The instrument cluster with a computer display load moment indicator provides comprehensive information about the crane the crane and its components and systems. Comfortable and adjustable chair with pnevmopodressorivaniem. Built in the arms of an apparatus for controlling a crane through the actuator.Stepless crane control system of regulation of all crane movements.

Crane KS-8973

Hoist crane is equipped with a variable displacement axial piston motor with planetary gear and automatic brake. Load length of the rope 200 meters are used for lifting the suspension hook load capacity of 100 tons or 60 tons.The mechanism of luffing crane is a hydraulic cylinder with a safety check valve. The piston stroke length 3.7 m

The base chassis truck crane KS-8973

special chassis BAZ


10 X 8

Chassis engine crane


Engine power, kW (hp)

345.5 (470)

Crane lifting road,

100 m

Load moment, tm


Length, m


Crane lifting height, m

With main boom


With jib


Boom length m


Jib length,

10-16 m

Lifting speed (lowering) of cargo, m / min


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