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Damen Virtuoso


The Brazil shipbuilding company Wilson Sons signed a contract with Dutch-based Damen Shipyards Group on constructing of 12 ASD-type Damen tugs. 10 of them will be Damen ASD 2411 and the rest 2 – ASD 3312.

The ship building will take place at the Wilson Sons shipyard in Guaruja, Sao Paolo. Then the ships will be explored by the Wilson Sons subsidiary Saveiros Camuyrano Serviços Maritimos.

imageWilson Sons shipyard at Guaruja, Sao Paolo

At this day Wilson Sons has a largest fleet of vessels in Latin America and serve almost all the Brazilian aquatorium inshore and out at the sea. There are 75 tugs in the fleet, 50 of which are ASD-type with Damen standard design.

imageDamen ASD Tug 2411

These two concerns are cooperating in a high level. Damen Shipyards Group supplies Drawings, Material Packages and Engineering to Wilson Sons, and it in its turn builds the ships locally. As a result there are vessels with high quality due to Damen Shipyards controlling the projects. And the last is known for its leadership in the segment of all round harbour tugs.

imageDamen ASD Tug 3212

5 Damen ASD Tugs 2411 from ten ordered will have the bollard pull in 55 t, the rest – 77 t. These vessels will not be the newcomers in the Wilson Sons’s fleet. There are already 19 ASD Tug 2411 there. Damen ASD Tug 2411 is usually operated inshore.

A single difference is in that ASD Tugs 2411 will meet MLC 2006 and IMO requirements. This means that the crew accommodations will have 203-cm ceilings and will be spacious.

imageimageThe MLC 2006 according crew accommodations

Two ASD-type Damen 3212, mentioned in the contract – is a recent innovation of Damen Shipyards Group. It is a “premiere league” in harbour tugs segment. Damen ASD Tug 3212 was presented at 22th International Tug and Salvage Convention and Exhibition in Barcelona June, 2012. These tugs were especially constructed for a salvage operations and for offshore oil industry.

imageDamen ASD Tug 3212 modular pump system

In spite of the 80 t BP Damen ASD Tug 3212 has features which allow it to work in 3-metre wave height. These are a high bow to prevent the vessel from wetting, the innovative shape of hull, skeg and bilge keels. All these was revealed by Damen Shipyards in cooperation with the Dutch MARIN Institute and Delft University of Technology.

imageDamen ASD Tug 3212 ventilation system

Damen ASD Tug 3212 is build in accordance to ARC4, what guarantee a high efficiency during the ice companies. The hydraulic winches that are integrated into the bow and the hull back can work with huge tankers and bulkers. At the peak of the 17-meter pillar there is an apparatus for generating high quality foam with the capacity in 1200 м3/час. There is a second apparatus in the back part of the captain’s bridge house roof.

imageApparatus for generating high quality foam at work

The first Construction Packages will be delivered to Brazil in January, 2013. Wilson Sons is expected to finish the building of the vessel by the end of 2015.

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